E1. How To Find INFINITE Content!

E1. How To Find INFINITE Content!


Quick Recap:

  • Go to the checkout counter for Top Magazines.
  • Magazines at the checkout counter share information that is currently requested.
  • Use the Headers and bullet points for main topics for your content.
  • Use the Headers for your attraction marketing and direct them to your sales funnel via CTA, (call-to-action).
  • It’s ok to use past magazines for content. ¬†All of it is reusable and recycled.
  • Make sure the information fits your industry.


Tweet: Recycle magazine cover headers and you'll have content forever! Learn how at http://ctt.ec/loU8a


Reclye magazine cover headers and you’ll have content forever!




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Kisha N. Johnson
Ok. Where were you when I was struggling. However I do believe timing is everything and God had me come here when it was my time. Awesome Stilettomation (imformation) just my brand talk. Lol. So Now I can go to the christianity section, woman of faith or whatever in that realm to help my headlines for these woman. I know once I can master that content does come to me. However I can still use the inside magazine content by tweaking it to fit what I most need it for. I have tons of my own magazines so whoop whoop.… Read more »